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About Jones Coaching and Consultation

Our Mission

The purpose of individual and leadership coaching is to allow ourselves to see the barriers in our lives and overcome them so that we can find a deeper understanding of the call we have in our lives. It allows us the opportunity to take our blinders off and see ourselves in a different light which will hopefully lead us into new behaviors and more successful outcomes. 

We believe in strong marriages and families who can communicate effectively. I have been working with military families, military members, and youth to help with military life. Military life is an incredibly challenging lifestyle to live and it takes a significant amount of resilience and strength. These capabilities are tough for even the most experienced military members and families.

Youth have challenges and influences that are greater than they ever have before. I have spent decades working with our youth. From youth who have many opportunities to youth who do not have any opportunities, they all have a potential in them that could benefit from a life coach. Having worked in Juvenile Rehabilitation to working with Boy Scout Venture groups, I have vast experience working with youth of different demographics and I have seen them find success if they choose to work with me.

For corporations and businesses, coaching employees and teams in communication and leadership is integral. Statistics show that lack of trust and autonomy, lack of appreciation, lack of respect, and inability to grow and develop in businesses contribute to the high turnover in businesses. Low communication flow leads to negative impacts on leadership. The stresses of home and feeling over-stressed or over-worked can have an enormous impact on a company's success. Our objective is to provide coaching to our clients' and their employees because we believe that when employees have a higher level of self-awareness, their work/life balance is better, retention is better, they work harder, and have happy families. We believe we can help employees discover pathways to address personal growth rather than focusing on perceived past barriers. We work with businesses and their teams to promote team cohesion and communication. We believe that when teams can communicate well together, they become more productive and more confident. We believe that more confident and communicative employees result in great leaders and a better bottom line for the business.


We believe that this service is an investment in the development of resilience for military couples, your self-development, and businesses.