The Spiritual Journey of Coaching

PROVERBS 20:5 KJV "Counsel in the heart of man [is like] deep water; but a man of understanding will draw it out."

King Solomon was proclaimed to have asked God for understanding and discernment and that God help him to govern his people well and wisely. He did so for 40 years. While he was the wisest man, he was also one of the most foolish. He fell to lust and was lured away from God. Solomon's success and peace became meaningless when he stopped pursuing God.

King Solomon got a lot of flack for how he addressed the issue brought before him by two women. The women lived together and both had new born babies. One of the children died. The mother of the baby that died tried to take the living baby from the other women. This lead to a big dispute because no one else was witness to who actually gave birth to the living child. They took their problem to King Solomon and asked him to determine which of the two women should keep the newborn.

Here is where Solomon gets flack. Solomon responded to the two women by suggesting that they cut the child in half with a sword and split the child between the women. The first woman was deeply sorrowed and with a mother's love, she asked Solomon to let her child live and to give the child to the other woman. The second woman said that neither should have the child and that he should be cut in two. Solomon knew that the mother who preferred that he child live, even without her as the mother, was determined to be the mother because of the love she had for the life of the child and that the other mother had no love for the child and preferred to see harm to the child rather than giving the child up.

Of course the loving mother who was willing to give her child to the other woman so her child would live was given the child. Solomon's tactics, while unorthodox, were effective. Instead of solving the problem for the women, he allowed the women to decide on the solution for the child. Solomon, during his years of wisdom was able to discern that the two women needed to figure out where they stood with the child. Instead of telling them what to do, he asked them what they wanted to do. It was by their responses that Solomon was able to determine the who the true mother was.

Coaches are similar because we ask questions about you and what you want so you can determine who the true you is and will be. Coaches don't tell you what your should do. Coaches aren't mental health counselors. Coaches are the people you go to so you can find clarity for your pathway to the future. Your pathway will be different than that of others. Coaches are the people that you can talk to about the things you can't say to even the closest of friends without the fear of judgment. Coaches care deeply for you and want to see you succeed in attaining your goals and getting past the fixed mindsets you may not realize that you have so you can trade it in for a growth mindset filled with SMART goals. The journey won't be easy. The journey will be full of ups and downs. The journey will have its rewards. The journey is yours to create and yours to attract new ideas, thoughts and potential.

In the same way that the woman was willing to give up her child so her child could live, are you ready to give up some of the things about yourself that are barriers that are killing your career, relationships or advancement?

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