Why businesses use our services.

Updated: Feb 21

How does Jones Coaching & Consultation help forward-thinking businesses and corporations?

We work with our clients to customize a package that will accommodate their needs. We work to provide a scheduled service that would provide onsite coaches and/or consultants during designated times each month to facilitate employees' opportunity to talk with our team discreetly to address their goals for the future, self-development and personal growth.. This service sounds great, but why do you need a coach? The question really isn't why you need a coach. The question is What benefits can I get from having a life coach or worksite coach? What personal or professional self-development have you wanted but haven't known how to get it? What is holding you back from the self-confidence and positive mindset that leaders look for? What is that worth to me?

When you or your business is ready to work with us to develop a customized plan for you or your employees, we will be there.

Charlene Jones MCLC, MHP, C-DBT

President and Co-Founder

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